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Users are saved then the tick disappears
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Titel: Users are saved then the tick disappears
Verfasst am: Sa, 02 Dez 2006, 12:38
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Hi there

Firstly, congratulations. It's a wonderful MOD. I love it, just what I was looking for.

I have everything installed beautifully.

Then, I went to test it and tried to set permissions in UploadPic users page. I ticked the all/none and then save. I moved to the next page and did the same there. I then noticed when I went back to previous pages of users some of the ticks have disappeared. And if I go back a second time all of the ticks have disappeared and hence not permitting anyone to upload images.

Can you guide me as to how to fix this. Confused

I've got into phpMYAdmin and I can't find the file "user_allow_uploadpic" under phpbb_users - maybe this is where it has gone wrong?

Thanks for your help.

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Verfasst am: Sa, 02 Dez 2006, 16:42
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Hi, I actually produced a bug in the new version when I added the pagination for the userlist.
After you click "OK" in the user-persission-list, ALL permissions are removed and then the script sets permissions for all users that you checked - but as you can only check users on a single page, all other users stay without permissions ...

Thanks for reporting this, I fixed it !
Just download the last version of UploadPic again (here and upload:

from the archive, and you should be fine.

beehave - home of humbug ... [we can't afford to be neutral]

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Verfasst am: So, 03 Dez 2006, 04:06
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Thank you so much, Boris.
It works beautifully. Very Happy
I appreciate your time.

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