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redirect to the topic
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Titel: redirect to the topic
Verfasst am: Do, 28 Aug 2008, 18:50
Antworten mit Zitat

new Version 1.3.7 released work great.

In the ACP UploadPic recent (last 10 pictures) is it possible when you click on the image to redirect to the topic where that image as been posted.


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Titel: (Kein Titel)
Verfasst am: Di, 02 Sep 2008, 11:56
Antworten mit Zitat

This has already been discussed.

1. the search for the post where the picture has been posted will make the list load forever (depending on the number of the posts)
2. where would I link if the image is used in more than one post ?

Therefore, this feature will not be added in the near future (if ever).

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