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[LST] Restroom psyche
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Titel: [LST] Restroom psyche
Verfasst am: Di, 09 Okt 2007, 21:25
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Datei: 2.2.1993


01. Excitable     : shorts half twisted around, can't find hole, rips shorts
02. Sociable      : joins friends in a pee if he has to or not
03. Nosey         : looks into next urinal to see how the other guy is fixed
04. Crosseyed     : looks into urinal on left, pees into one in center
05. Timid         : cannot urinate if someone else is watching; flushes
                    urinal as if he had
06. Indifferent   : all urinals are being used, he pees in sink
07. Clever        : no hands--shows off by fixing his tie--looks around,
                    pees on floor
08. Worried       : is not sure of what he has been doing lately-makes a
                    quick inspection
09. Absent Minded : opens vest; pulls out tie; pees in pants
10. Frivolous     : plays stream up and down and across urinal-tries to hit
11. Disgusted     : stands for awhile, gives up, walks away
12. Sneaks        : Farts silently while leaking, acts very innocent-knows
                    that the man in the next stall will be blamed
13. Childish      : leaks directly into urinal bottom, likes to see it
14. Patient       : stands very close for a long time waiting-reads newspaper
                    with free hand
15. Efficient     : waits until he has to take a crap then does both
16. Tough         : bangs dong against urinal to dry it
17. Fat           : has to stand back to take a long blind shot at urinal,
                    misses, pees in shoe
18. Little        : stands on box, falls in, drowns
19. Drunk         : holds left thumb with right hand, pees in pants
20. Withdrawn     : places feet in urinal, pees down leg, thus eliminating
21. Impatient     : always in a hurry, pees down back of guy using urinal
                    ahead of him

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