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Life cycle of a PHP class
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Titel: Life cycle of a PHP class
Verfasst am: Mi, 02 März 2011, 17:53
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Life cycle of a PHP class

Day 1: Oh man, this is going to be the best PHP code I have EVER written. I shall use proper method names, proper getters and setters and oh, I'll probably win an award for it's beauty or perhaps even have a statue erected. Songs will be written, epic stories shall be told.

Day 7: Well, I had to make a few concessions to get it finished but I'm pretty happy with it. Shame about the static methods chucked in but a war wasn't won in a single battle.

Day 26: Man, these bug fixes suck. I should really create a controller class to route some of this data but I'll just chuck in another method and wing it. Deadline is approaching.

Day 96: Well, we missed the deadline. Just a few more fixes to go. I know I shouldn't really define these constants in the constructor but I have a meeting with my hairdresser in 45 minutes. I'm thinking wavy perm! Also, I'm super hungry and I have those new classes to finish by tonight.

Day 215: Whoever wrote this class is a dick and I hate him. Ugh.

Day 334: What the hell does this method do? It makes no sense at all. Nice job on the inline docs. I guess making funnies in the comments was more important.

Day 420: Gonna mark this for a refactor. Really is a terrible jumble of crap. Written by an idiot child who fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. $Author: {Your Name}$ - lets just remove that.

Day 530: @deprecated

Day 664: Error: File is no longer under version control.

... wir haben mal wieder alles richtig gemacht.

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